Freddy’s Multi-Unit Franchise Owner Spotlight: Dave Dreiling

If anyone knows what makes Freddy’s franchises successful, it’s Dave Dreiling, one of the most tenured Freddy’s multi-unit Franchise Owners. Dreiling opened his first Freddy’s franchise over 10 years ago and has since opened 30+ locations across five states. Why does Dreiling keep opening new Freddy’s locations? “Because,” the multi-unit Franchise Owner explains, “It just makes sense.”

Prior to becoming a Freddy’s Franchise Owner, Dreiling wasn’t a stranger to franchising. He’d been a franchisee for a sandwich franchise, he had owned a few doggy daycare franchise locations, and ultimately had owned six different franchise brands. The differentiator between those brands and Freddy’s? Dreiling says it’s the people and the product. Dreiling first tried Freddy’s and loved the food. Then, from his initial meeting with the Freddy’s Corporate team, he knew this was a brand he wanted to be in business with as a multi-unit Franchise Owner.

Originally form the Midwest, Dreiling recognized a lot of his midwestern values in the Freddy’s values. The Freddy’s Corporate team was transparent and honest with its work ethic, and the Freddy’s Franchise Business Consultants that Dreiling works with have always been helpful in situations, big or small.

What Is the Key to Success for a Freddy’s Multi-Unit Franchise Owner?

When Dreiling first became a Freddy’s Franchise Owner, there were under 100 Freddy’s locations. Now, there are more than 400 locations across the country. Dreiling attributes this growth to multiple things, including a flawless focus on execution, keeping the menu simple but desirable and of course, being there for their Franchise Owners.
As a multi-unit Franchise Owner, Dreiling attributes his success to being good with people and his willingness to work hard. He admits that franchising isn’t easy. It’s a job that requires commitment and passion. That being said, when you can do all these things and have the right values, you can have a rewarding career with Freddy’s as a burger and ice cream Franchise Owner.

What Is a Day in the Life Like as a Freddy’s Multi-Unit Franchise Owner?

Dreiling was extremely involved in the day-to-day of his location when he first became a Freddy’s Franchise Owner. Over a decade later, he still is, but when you’re a multi-unit Franchise Owner, it’s about hiring the right people. Because Dreiling’s locations span across five states, he puts his trust in his teams on the ground. Good communication with local store leadership ensures that Dreiling’s locations run smoothly and successfully.

Dreiling is actively pursuing his Freddy’s growth plan. On the horizon for Dreiling as a multi-unit Franchise Owner? Continuing to work on his recently purchased 10-store development in Omaha, Nebraska, as well as 46-location plan in North Carolina. In between all that hard work, Dreiling makes sure to order his favorite menu items, the Double Cali with fries and a Mini Turtle Sundae.

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