How to Start a Burger Business Against Stiff Competition

Starting a burger restaurant business that stands out among competitors is more than creating a distinct taste. See what it takes to make it in this industry.

Tips for Starting a Successful Burger Restaurant Business

Starting a burger business in a competitive market full of other restaurants vying for consumers’ attention can be challenging. But it’s not impossible. With the right strategy and approach, your business can differentiate itself from its competitors. Your chances of success will hinge on how well you: 

  • Research the market: To beat the competition, you need to know your competition. Explore what makes their businesses work, as well as what holds them back, so you can employ what’s useful and avoid the pitfalls. Understand who their target customers are so you can find gaps in the market you can take advantage of. Also, research the location and demographics of your target market. The area may already be saturated with or have a need for the type of business you want to run.
  • Develop a unique concept: If you want to stand out in the burger business, you’ll need to develop a concept that’s different from anyone else’s. Consumers need to understand what makes your burger restaurant the one they just must visit. A distinctive menu with quality ingredients and interesting flavor combinations can set you apart. So can a particular theme or appealing décor. Also, make sure your branding sets you apart — your signage, storefronts, and ads should catch consumers’ attention.
  • Consider multiple dayparts: Select a menu that covers multiple dayparts like breakfast, lunch, snack time, and dinner. Choosing the times of day you wish to offer service will help you streamline your menu and staffing, as well as identify the customer base you’re targeting.
  • Provide outstanding customer service: Guests love to go where their food is served quickly, correctly, and with a smile. Make sure your staff is trained to deliver the hospitality your burger business requires to stand out from a crowded field. Consider offering guests loyalty programs to encourage repeat business.
  • Offer interesting add-ons: While burgers may be your focus, having other menu items that appeal to a wider audience will entice more guests to come through your doors. For example, a burger franchise* like Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers offers hot dogs, shoestring fries, and frozen custard along with its savory steakburgers making them the franchise Americans crave and franchise owners love.
  • Buy a burger franchise: Franchises come with distinct advantages over starting a business from scratch. Investing in a franchise like Freddy’s means you get to join an established brand with a proven business blueprint. Franchises like ours offer support with training, real estate, construction, marketing, and much more. Look for franchises with available territory, as well as financial requirements you can manage and a company culture that fits your values.

How Freddy’s Helps You Make It in the Burger Industry

One of the secrets to Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers’ success in a crowded market is satisfied franchisees. Our franchisees love what they do every day, interacting and serving guests food they love and working with well-trained employees.

Freddy’s gives you the tools you need to own and operate a successful burger restaurant franchise. The Freddy’s franchise system is designed to help franchisees stand out among the competition and keep guests coming back.

At Freddy’s, only the highest quality ingredients will do. Our guests come back for our amazing menu of steakburgers, frozen custard, shoestring fries, and hot dogs. We offer multiple dayparts so franchisees can appeal to a broader consumer base. Each restaurant is reminiscent of a different era, but with the vibrance and energy of a younger generation. With more than 400 locations, we’ve experienced 120% new restaurant growth in the past five years and have available territories across the U.S.

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