How does a Franchise Business Coach improve fast-casual restaurant performance?

How does a Franchise Business Coach improve fast-casual restaurant performance?

Franchise Business Coaches (FBCs) are becoming more common in the franchise industry. Their primary restaurant consulting role is to provide Franchise Owners with operational support that will have a direct impact on profitability.

Video Transcript

Here at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, our FBCs are so important to our growth and the success of our Franchise Owners that we include restaurant business coaching services in our franchise fees. At a high level, our FBCs provided support to between 15-20 locations at a time providing guidance to several Franchise Owners to help:

  • Manage building, training and restaurant opening schedules
  • Ensure brand consistency with other locations
  • Reduce the possibility of mistakes
  • Eliminate Franchise Owners’ cost of hiring an outside business consultant

“Our FBCs bring a lot of great experience and value to our team. They are committed to Freddy’s concept and the culture to which we credit our success,” adds our Co-Founder and COO Scott Redler.

When does your FBC come into the picture at Freddy’s?

As a new Franchise Owner with Freddy’s, you are introduced to a dedicated FBC early in the onboarding process as soon as you begin the construction phase of your location. We want you to be set up for success from day one, and we keep the restaurant consulting support going — that’s how we do it here at Freddy’s.

First: planning and pre-build support.

Think of your FBC as an extension of our corporate team. While you’re preparing for your big opening day, your FBC will focus on your operations and go through our pre-opening checklist with you. They will introduce you with other department leads as you move through real estate, construction and marketing leading up to your Grand Opening.

Second: ensuring restaurant opening success.

Your FBC works with you throughout the Grand Opening planning process through your first week of business to assure your Grand Opening goes smoothly and to help you troubleshoot any operational challenges. They also revisit your checklist with you to double check that everything is ready for “go time.” And, your FBC is there to celebrate your success in bringing the Freddy’s food Guests crave to your community.

Third: ongoing support.

Since your FBC is operationally focused, they become much more consultative after opening day once all operations have been tested and are working smoothly. We expect our restaurant consultants to connect with our Franchise Owners regularly via phone, video calls or in person. We also expect them to visit each restaurant three times a year (depending on the state of COVID) to assess store operations and look for other restaurant business coaching opportunities.

Our FBCs also use data from secret shoppers to make sure Guest reviews are being addressed and our Franchise Owners are operating The Freddy’s Way, which leads to profitable franchises. It’s truly a team effort here at Freddy’s, which stems from our family-focused culture. We work hard, we keep efficiencies and processes smart and we have a lot of fun along the way.

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We’re all about growing from within.

Mentoring and helping our Team Members grow is a big part of why we all love what we do here at Freddy’s. That also holds true for many Freddy’s Corporate Team Members, like Zach Woodburn. He’s been rising in the ranks with us from supervisor to managing his own restaurant and then transitioning to a role as an FBC, then a Senior FBC and currently our VP of Franchise Support. Zach leads the support for our Franchise Owners along with a high-performing team of FBCs. He cultivates relationships with our Franchise Operators and Owners to help each one grow and maintain the Freddy’s brand.

Zach Woodburn – Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers VP of Franchise Support.

“Our team of FBCs is truly top-notch, not only in their expertise and professionalism, but in their commitment to helping each of our Franchise Owners succeed. They’re important members of the Freddy’s Family,” adds Zach.

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