What Makes a Strong Multi-Unit Franchise

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With a myriad of multi-unit franchise opportunities and multi-unit restaurants for sale, prospective multi-unit Franchise Owners like you may wonder what factors to look for in a franchise you are considering. While you may have a passion for the brand and be aligned with its brand values, it’s also critical to consider elements such as scalability and strong financials. At Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, our unique brand culture has attracted many investors because they love The Freddy’s Way and are excited to own their market. If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, here are few tips to help you assess the right restaurant franchise opportunity.

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Evaluating Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

When you start thinking about what franchise opportunity is a good fit for you, here are some important questions to ask yourself.

  • Do you understand and align with the brand’s values?
  • What kind of training and ongoing support will you receive?
  • Do you have a clear picture of the company’s financials and business model? 

Strong Leadership & Vision

A family business since its founding in 2002, Freddy’s was named after one of our co-founders and WWII veteran Freddy Simon. Since then, we’ve become known as a brand with strong family values focused on quality, service and All-American tradition. Every Franchise Owner is part of the Freddy’s Family, and we make sure they have everything they need to succeed. The Freddy’s Way is about doing the right thing for the right reason, and our integrity and hard work drives our strong $1.68M AUV*.

Top-Notch Training

At Freddy’s, we’re so committed to helping set up our Franchise Owners for success that we include Franchise Business Coaching services in our franchise fees.  As a new owner, you’ll meet your dedicated Franchise Business Coach (FBC) as soon as you begin your location’s construction phase, and they’ll work with you through your Grand Opening Day and beyond. Our FBCs play an integral role before and after you open by assisting with:

  • Building, training and restaurant opening schedule management
  • Maintaining brand consistency
  • Troubleshooting operational challenges

After you open, your FBC shifts to more of a consultant role, meeting regularly with you by video chat, phone and in-person. FBC’s truly know and love the brand, and can provide you with invaluable insight, advice and support.  

Technology-Focused Support

While the atmosphere of Freddy’s is charmingly retro, our commitment to innovation and technology is laser-focused on the future. We’ve optimized our Freducation® training for Franchise Owners and staff to make it easy to get the information you need when you need it. Via a shared communication tool we call The Scoop, everyone has online access to key training materials, tests, video and more. 

As a restaurant franchise model that’s all about quality and consistency, we also use the latest tools and technology to help you track sales and streamline day-to-day operations. We keep tabs on Guest transactions and behaviors to help us spot trends and make tweaks to optimize profits. We track comments and reviews in a cloud-based reporting platform that includes sales, trends, reports, secret shopper scores and operations assessment reports. Every Franchise Owner has access to these reports, and our FBCs help you use the data to refine and improve operations.

Strong Financials

Despite the challenges of operating a restaurant franchise brand last year, Freddy’s kept growing strong. We recently opened our 400th location in Kansas—the state where Freddy’s was born. Co-founder and CEO Randy Simon says, “We opened our first Freddy’s in Kansas nearly two decades ago…and being back in our home state to celebrate the 400th location has been an incredible opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come.”  With a strong $1.68M AUV* and an impressive growth rate of 120% over the past 5 years, Freddy’s is steadily attracting investors. Existing Franchise Owners continue to be inspired by our brand, and 1/3 of our owners have purchased additional locations.

Why is Freddy’s the Best Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunity? 

Our vision of service and integrity, combined with strong Franchise Owner and vendor relationships, makes us a great investment opportunity for multi-unit Franchise Owners. Customers love our delicious food, and our mobile app, delivery and curbside pickup options make it easy and convenient for them to indulge their Freddy’s cravings anytime they want.  With dedicated support for each and every Franchise Owner, we’re committed to your success from Day 1. ”The Freddy’s franchise system is a real breath of fresh air,” says Paul Hoover, Multi-unit Franchise Owner.  “It’s all about the people.”

Inquiring About Multi-Unit Franchises? 

If you’re passionate about The Freddy’s Way and have a strong background in franchising or restaurant operations, see if you have what it takes to be a multi-unit Franchise Owner, and learn more about the process of joining the Freddy’s Family.

*Average Annual Gross Receipts of 29 company-owned and 330 franchised restaurants that were open for the entire 2020 fiscal year. This information appears in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Your individual results may differ. There is no assurance that you’ll earn as much.

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